About PopDawgs

Of course you probably figured I was a dog lover, but more specifically I am a dachshund lover.  My dog Ralphie, is the inspiration for this site.  Ralphie was the sweetest piebald dachshund that won my heart the moment I saw his face.  I never had a dog growing up.  We had unusual pets like ducks and geese.  Now before you begin to wonder about me we did not keep these animals in the house.  We raised them from ducklings and kept them in our garage until they were big enough to be on their own.  So I knew when I grew up a dog was a must.  I took a liking to Basset Hounds and intended to get one, but then included Dachshunds into my search.  The first time my husband and I went looking for dogs, out came this adorable, spunky, spotted Dachshund puppy.  I thought he looked like a baby Basset Hound.  I had never seen one with his coloring.  He was very interactive and playful.  I am not one to make quick decisions but I knew I needed to act fast.  If we left there without him we very well could end up never seeing him again.  So we took him home that day and the rest is history.

I am also the mother of three energetic, strong-willed and loving boys!  They have taught me a lot about myself and I continue to grow and learn as they do.  Because of them I have a deepened appreciation for life and all of my blessings.  I just try to have even a ¼ of the zest for life that they do.  If only we had the joy and energy we once did as children.  My saying is “The days are long, but the years are short.”  In a blink of an eye my boys are 12, 10 & 4 and somehow doing everything on their own.  I am lucky to stay at home and raise them.  Once a buyer for department stores and into all things fashionable, my days are now spent trying to keep my boys clean, fed, intelligent, well-mannered and generous humans who will one day be remarkable men.  I recently launched my own photography business and love teaching people about the power of essential oils.  PopDawgs has been in the works for awhile so I’m happy to finally get this baby up and running.  Thanks to my hard working husband who is the web guy behind this site.  Without him this would not be possible.

I plan to launch new products periodically and add new dogs too.  I didn’t want to limit just to my personal hot dog favorite.  I know there’s a ton of cute pooches out there.  I welcome any requests.  The spelling of PopDawgs gives a personal shout out to our beloved hometown of Cleveland, OH.  It’s tough being a Browns fan but we stick with them.  Here’s to all my Cleveland peeps and the Dawg Pound!  Thanks for visiting!

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