The original downward dog yoga pose


Photo courtesy of Leeann Carey Yoga

Now that I’m in my ninth month of pregnancy my body is definitely not able to do the things it used to do.  Swollen ankles and legs, and a huge belly in the way have been making it very difficult to do my regular yoga classes the last few weeks.  I try to do what I can at home but even downward dog is not the same because these darn ankles are so thick they barely bend.  Ralphie however continues to do his regular downward dog stretch after he gets up most every time.  He stretches his long spine, yawns and all is right with the world.  I think this pose is particularly helpful for Dachshunds because of their long spine.  So for now I’ll have to live this pose through Ralphie until my body returns to some kind of normal state.  I’m curious, does your Doxie regularly practice this pose?  Namaste.

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